The Storm

from by Bouche

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It started in a teacup (as storms are wont to do),
spread out around the house and as it moved it grew,
feeding on shame
and the things you'd have to change to be the same as anyone,
the same as everyone.

This happened once before in a house that was too small.
When last I passed it by I stole a look over the wall,
and now wild flowers line the drive - but they too will die in time - and
the cracks across the glass remind us of how hard we tried

to be a family, believing ever after could end happily.
But not the house stands empty
and the dream has left me
and I could concede to be angry but I don't want to lose more love.
No I don't want to lose more love.

There's thunderbolts and lightning now,
just as far as you can see.
Shoot your bullets to the sky but don't you point that thing at me;
I'm not the woman who you lost
or the money that it costs to be the same as anyone,
the same as everyone.

There's a light beneath my skin - it was not you who stitched it in - but
you saw me coming long before I saw your shaking pen,
as you wrote down the name: 'Ancient Tree and Sacred Chain'
It's just a name, like anyone,
the same as everyone

So don't tie it to your wrist, or tattoo it on your fist.
You can't possess all that you say or make it true by power of faith.

Just like water touching water,
just like rain on a lake
I don't want a kneeling man.


from Live at Nells, released March 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Bouche London, UK

Bouche is the music of songwriter, double bass player and singer Rebekah Bouche, accompanied by trumpet/flugelhorn and electric guitar. The songs are a kind of "blue-jazz hymnal"; the honesty and rawness of the blues, with melodic salutes to early jazz and a sense of pathos and drama that nods in the direction of 19th century hymns and british folk. ... more

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